Why am I anti-pinterest?  I'm not.  I love to get lost in the world of pinterest as much as anyone.

But I don't like that only displays perfect pictures of an imaginary perfect world where everything is clean and homemade and trendy and healthy.  It makes me feel like I can only be a good mom if I have a tidy, labeled pantry and hand-sewn chevron print pillows with matching lamp shades.

It's a lie and completely unrealistic.  Don't let pinterest fool you!

A good mom is someone who loves and takes care of her family.  Period.

I want a realistic blog.  That is why I ask real moms to share their real experiences, and how to cope.   Nothing more.

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  1. I am so inspired that you have put this together and are keeping up with it. I love that you are "keeping things real" in this digital world where all we usually see is what people want to show us. Life isn't always clean, homemade, trendy, healthy, or perfect. We can incorporate those things into our lives, but let's not get discouraged when we fail! Let's support each other! Thanks, sis.